Camera equipment

I think it all started with a GoPro. The fact that you can place it in an awesome waterproof case, gives you a piece of mind being around water. It has a wide angle lens and the movie quality is very good. Downside is, that the audio quality is muffled, while inside the waterproof case. I am not sure about the newer versions, ours already has a few years on the plate. I wish, that the phone app which connects to the camera via bluetooth, wouldn’t run the battery down so quick. In order to avoid that, we usually don’t use the app, but turning the camera on and off while sailing, is a bit of an act sometimes. Maybe a remote control would do the trick, anybody experience with that? Please leave a comment if so.

The phones nowadays have exceptional camera’s, since the phone is mostly in your pocket, it is just handy. By the way, cell phones in Germany are called “Handy” 🙂

Sometimes I have been missing a great zoom and having the option to take pictures, with a bit of a “wow” factor. And hopefully movies. For now, I started with photos and I have not read the whole manual yet, so a lot to get used to. Here a quick peak of my first shots with my “new” used Fujifilm Camera.

What do you think?

Taken at Galilee Harbor
That Heron was really far away
Another one taken at Galilee Harbor
My chance to check out the just received camera.
MTNHI going for a sail
Galilee Harbor


Taken from the flybridge of our live aboard
Galilee Harbor

Bummer that my brother and uncle are far away in Germany, they are professional Photographers.

Of course there is just crazy camera equipment out there. It would be very cool, for example, to have a drone which could land on water, to take some fantastic areal footage. But…. one step at a time! 🙂