Interlaken/Switzerland- Schynige Platte

My Dad had recommended to drive to Interlaken  and take a little train up the Alps to the Schynige Platte. Wow, that was insane and the best tip.


It took about an hour to get up there and we had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy it.


Mats surprised us with managing a big hike and enjoyed smelling lots of flowers along the way.


The view was spectacular.


Luckily the Captain had already gone ahead with Mats, when this snake crossed my path.


We finished off with a nice meal up the mountain, before taking the train back down and continuing our drive to Linz to another campground.


Thuner See/Schweiz

The Captain always wanted to visit the Alps and we were not far away. So, we drove towards Bern and stopped at the Lake Thun in Switzerland. All Campgrounds close during there lunch break. After a long drive and that not in mind, it can get a bit frustrating to arrive at exactly the times when they are on there break and all you need, is a break. It also happened, that we had no swiss coins and everywhere we tried to park, that’s all they would take.

After my entry was denied and I was also ask to move away from the parking spot in front of the gate, Evan tried his luck and his charm got us in. Yeayee! 🙂

We parked and walked to the lake and chilled a little. The Alps in the background, the scenery was so pretty.


We only stayed one day. But it was a good one!


Before I continue with our travel to Europe, let me just give you a shout:” WE MADE IT BACK TO SAUSALITO!”

It’s been challenging, but the Captain tried to make it as comfortable as possible for us, we really waited for perfect weather windows, stayed in Marina’s when it started being too cold for showers in the ocean waters.

Especially the last part from Half Moon Bay to Sausalito will stay in our memories on the sailing agenda, as we were able to sail with south winds all the way through the Golden Gate Bridge. This is rather rare.

We now enjoy being back home and have lots of tasks to work on and have to start making some $$$ soon.

It’s been a big adventure!

Thank you for following us throughout the year, there is more to write and show you, when I get the chance. 🙂

To Sail or Not To Be – For the Captain a sentence, rather a question for me, this journey gave me the answer.