Half Moon Bay


Our last stop before returning home, was a very sweet one. Our sail from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay was relaxed, I honestly can’t remember much of it anymore. What I do remember very well was the excitement I felt, to see some very very good friends again!


Not living that far away from Half Moon Bay, they made an effort to come and have dinner with us. Kerstin and Silvia and there precious daughter Mia, which I had only seen once before, when she was just a few weeks old! I had a bit of a teary eye when I saw all of them. Just so good to see friends, especially these guys I thought a lot about when cruising Mexico, as we used to kite and vacation together in La Ventana. 🙂


On the next morning leaving Half Moon Bay I could not help taking a few pics of this boat, which we already had seen and “admired” a year ago. Quite a collection that guy has there…


Our final leg had come. Next stop… HOME!

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