Final Countdown – Heart Pounding!


Words cannot describe the feelings we had, when returning back home. I can tell you about mine, but at this point, it does not matter so much. Well, hell yeah, I was FREAKING EXCITED!

What really matters though, are the experiences we made throughout this incredible journey and what we learned from them. We did not plan to sail that far and not for that long. At least, I did not. We just went and wanted to see where it takes us. I was prepared to jump off the first stop and go back home, if I absolutely hated it. But than, I am also very stubborn and not a party pooper. It was a challenge. So, time went on, one day after the other, some days were bad, some ok, others great. And now look at that map up there, how far we went. All of a sudden we were in Mexico. And than we had even crossed Sea de Cortez.

I found a passion which kept me sane, writing about it, capturing the moments. And of course being the Mom to Mats I had been as stay at home Mom for the past 3 1/2 years. Just now on a boat.

We did not throw the partner overboard, even though we might have felt like it at times.

I am so proud of us all! Mats is such a trooper for hanging in, he missed his buddies and cousins so much. But he also made new friends, loved steering the dinghy, started swimming, snorkeling by himself around the boat, endless plays in the water, catching fish. Had both parents by his side 24/7.

Noah was the best dog we could wish for on the boat. He was Mats best buddy and kept me warm on those night watches. It felt good knowing him on deck while we were sleeping down below. He is a sweetheart.

I climbed up the mast and fixed things, caught fish and filet it while the boat was sailing through water, even going upwind. Never thought I could do such thing. Started double checking routes on Navionics, weather and radar, did night watches. Tried to keep everyone hydrated and not hangry. And very important, always remembered getting ice to have cold beers.

The Captain brought us all the way down to Mexico and back safe! What a responsibility. While I was blogging away, he would check weather and routes. Take care of S/V Alsager and managed to bring her back in better shape than before we left. Fixed our dinghy several times. Too many things to list, really.

If you ever need a Captain, don’t look any further. There is no other like him.

On this note, I’d like to say, see you later. It took me a while to continue writing and looking through pictures. There is still so much more to say and see. When I find the time and feel like it, I will look through all those files and will maybe edit a movie here and there or we tell about another sail in the Bay.

But for now, I would like to close a chapter. πŸ™‚

Thank you all for following and living the journey with us.

To Sail or Not To Be…Β 

Our complete sailing agenda:

Oct 12th 2017 Sausalito – Half Moon Bay (Marina)

Oct 13th Half Moon Bay – Monterey (Marina)

Oct 15-16th Monterey – Avila Beach (overnight Sail) (mooring)

Oct 17th Avila Beach – passed Pt Conception – Santa Barbara (Marina)

Oct 19th-20th Santa Barbara – Long Beach (Marina)

Oct 21st Β Long Beach – San Diego (Extreme Sailing) Marina and Anchored at Mission Bay

Oct 29th – Nov 1st 3 Day Sail San Diego – Turtle Bay, Mexico (anchored)

Nov 4th Turtle Bay – Asuncion (anchored)

Nov 6th Asuncion – Punta Abreojos (anchored)

Nov 7th-8th Sail Punta Abreojos – San Juanico, Scorpion Bay (anchored)

Nov 14th – 17th 3 Day Sail San Juanico – Cabo San Lucas (anchored)

Dec 11th – Sail Cabo San Lucas – San Jose del Cabo (Marina)

Dec 13th Β Sail to Los Frailes (anchored)

Dec 14th Los Barilles (anchored)

Dec 16th Los Barilles – Muertos (anchored) wind change and seeking shelter around corner towards La Ventana for the night (anchored)

Dec 17th Sail to La Ventana (anchored)

Dec 19th Β Sail to Muertos (anchored)

Dec 31st Sail to La Ventana (anchored)

Jan 1st 2018 Sail to Cerralvo Island (anchored)

Jan 2nd – 4th Crossing Sea de Cortez, Cerralvo Island – Isla Isabel (anchored)

Jan 6th Sail Isla Isabel – Chacala (anchored)

Jan 13th Sail Chacala – Punta Mita (anchored)

Jan 20th Sail Punta Mita – Paradise Village (Marina)

Jan 23rd La Cruz (Boatyard bottom paint – Marina)

Feb 3rd Sail La Cruz – Punta Mita (anchored)

Feb 11th Sail Punta Mita – Ipala (anchored)

Feb 12th – 13th Sail Ipala – Chamela (anchored)

Feb 14th Chamela – Tenacatita (anchored)

Feb 16th Sail Tenacatita – Barra de Navididad (Marina)

Feb 20th Melaque Anchorage

Feb 22nd Sail to Tenacatita (anchored)

Mar 1st Sail Tenacatita – Chamela (anchored)

Mar 2nd Sail Chamela – Ipala (anchored)

Mar 3rd Sail Ipala – Punta Mita (anchored)

Mar 9th Sail Punta Mita – La Cruz (Marina)

Mar 21st Sail La Cruz – Punta Mita (anchored)

Mar 22nd Punta Mita – Chacala (anchored)

Mar 25th Chacala – San Blas (anchored)

Mar 29th Sail San Blas – Isla Isabella (anchored)

Mar 31st – Apr 2nd Crossing Sea de Cortez – Isla Isabella – Muertos (anchored)

Apr 5th Muertos – La Ventana (anchored)

Apr 7th Sail La Ventana – La Paz (Marina)

Apr 15th Sail La Paz – Caleta Partida/Espiritu Santu (anchored)

Apr 16th Sail Caleta Partida – Ensenada Grande (anchored)

Apr 17th Sail Ensenada Grande – Isla San Francisco (anchored)

Apr 21st Isla San Francisco – Evaristo (anchored)

Apr 22nd Sail Evaristo – Los Gatos (anchored)

Apr 23rd Sail Los Gatos – Bahia San Marte (anchored)

Apr 24th Sail San Marte – Aqua Verde (anchored)

Apr 26th Aqua Verde – Puerto Escondido (mooring)

Apr 30th Puerto Escondido – Aqua Verde (anchored)

May 1st Aqua Verde – Los Gatos (anchored)

May 2nd Los Gatos – San Evaristo (anchored)

May 3rd San Evaristo – La Paz (Marina Palmira)

May 6th La Paz – La Ventana (anchored)

May 7th La Ventana – Muertos (anchored)

May 8th-9th Sail Muertos – Cabo Freiles (anchored)

May 10th Sail Cabo Freilles – San Jose del Cabo (Marina)

May 14th Sail San Jose del Cabo – Cabo San Lucas (Marina)

(Captain brought Sailboat with crew through rough weather from Cabo San Lucas to Los Angeles. It took about 3 weeks. Then he joined me and Mats for a month vacation in Germany)

Jul 21st Sail Wilmington L.A. – Catalina Island (mooring and anchored)

Jul 31st Sail Catalina Island – Marina Del Rey (Marina)

Aug 3rd Sail Marina del Rey – Malibu Beach (anchored)

Aug 5th Sail Malibu Beach – Channel Island Harbor (Marina)

Aug 8th Sail Channel Island Harbor – Santa Barbara (Marina)

Aug 9th Santa Barbara – Cojo Anchorage

Aug 10th Cojo Anchorage – pt Conception – Avila Beach (mooring)

Aug 12th Sail Avila Beach – Morro Bay (mooring)

Aug 17th Sail Morro Bay – San Simeon – overnight sail to Monterey (Marina)

Aug 23rd Sail Monterey – Santa Cruz (Marina)

Aug 25th Sail Santa Cruz – Half Moon Bay (Marina)

Aug 26th Sail Half Moon Bay – Sausalito HOME!


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