Sherman Island Anchorage

When it is foggy in San Francisco, you can find Paradise in Sherman Island. One of the privileges of having a Sailboat is that you do not need to sit in traffic and have your bed and kitchen always with you. The little island across the Sherman Island Kite launch, is a little bit protected and thus, a good spot to anchor. It is not an easy task, especially since it is mostly blowing strong during peak months and tides are important for this to be a success. But ones managed, it is absolutely heaven for the Kid, the Dog and the Kitesurf crew. On low tide, it is possible to setup and launch your Kite and it seems less of a hazard zone having less people around. This time it was only our little Family, but it was super nice to have people come by and visit and to watch the Kiters do there thing!

Enjoy our little movie, the Dinghy took us to shore and also to the sketchy Marina at Sherman, where you can stock up on ice at the little General Store.


2 thoughts on “Sherman Island Anchorage”

  1. Where you anchored at sherman island – was that on West Island? Were you on ne side or sw side? It’s not marked on chart as anchorage, did it hold well?


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