Tenacatita dinghy raft-up! A Hippie-Heart beats faster.


Tenacatita had a very lively anchorage. Lots of the same people, who often now became very good friends, meet here year after year again. We had one of the founders from boat Harmony come up to us, to give a little overview of what is usually happening. Every day at 2pm, the man meet for Bocce at the beach and the women go for a walk along the water. Every evening, around 7pm, you hear horns from boats, which gives a nice little touch to the sunset. Mats tried his best to match there music. 🙂

Every Friday, there is a dinghy raft-up and people bring food, potluck style. The food is being passed from boat to boat, stories are being told and music played. At least, when we attended. It was nice. Every Hippie’s heart must beat faster seeing this. 🙂




Tenacatita River – CROCODILES


What a cool experience this was. Right by our anchorage and next to the beach, we found the entrance of a river. Talking to some people in the anchorage we found out that it was well worth checking out. The tides on this one were very important as the river was getting super shallow on low tide and getting stuck would be hard to avoid. Since we heard that there are crocodiles in there, we did not want to chance that. Here a clip to see for yourself and some pics below. LOVED IT!




This was were the river ended. We tied the boat and checked out the beach across from it, which is also another anchorage in Tenacatita, just not quite as protected. I believe the river from our anchorage to the end of river here were about 4miles.


We heard a lot about the snorkeling at the aquarium, I had to try but it wasn’t great that day, or I just had seen better.





We were very happy to have arrived in the Tenacatita anchorage. Our friends had also decided to continue there journey on the same paths, but had motor sailed a more direct line and beat us to the anchorage. The next day we all met at the beach and had a great day. There is one laid back restaurant which has great ceviche and cold drinks.



Mats and Charlie had a blast together!


This stingray came too close to shore and got stuck. Bucky was so kind and pulled the slimy one back into the ocean and saved his life.


Good times with these guys from Lea Scotia.


That was our day in Tenacatita, before heading on to Barra de Navididad. We knew, we would be back on our return. However, I will continue to post our combined Tenacatita time. It has a lot to offer and was one of our, if not favorite place. Stay tuned! 🙂

And we ran into this awesome sailboat again we first saw in Muertos.

Chamela and the sail to Tenacatita!


We had a nice day in Chamela, were surprised by some friends showing up in the anchorage, we’ve been hanging out with whenever our paths had crossed since San Diego (Lea Scotia) They have a 3 yr old and a 10months old baby aboard. Mats and Charlie play very well together, always means some down time for the adults. 🙂

At a little store we found some block ice and some provisions we needed and also saw a cute little restaurant we planned on checking out later in the evening. The Captain had taken the inflatable dinghy to shore with dog Noah and Mats and myself went on the SUP. When we got back to the beach we helped Evan and Noah (and the ice) to get over the shore break with the dinghy. At that moment, our friends also came to shore and as soon as Charlie and Mats had seen each other, there was no way in following the Captain right away, without risking a tantrum. So I stayed on shore and the two boys played happily in the waves. I noticed, that the waves started to pick up and got a little worried, if I would make it out ok with Mats on the SUP.

After half an hour I decided, I should probably try, before it picks up even more. So, I got Mats ready and walked out with the SUP. Michele tried to help as well. I am not very good in reading the waves and thought I am good to go. Michele set Mats onto the SUP and I started paddling, when a wave starting building in front of us. I hadn’t attached the leash and just jumped for Mats and off the board at the same time before the wave could grab the board and throw us of. Michele and Bucky were watching the whole scene, secured the board and I quickly left the water with Mats on my arm, as soon as I was able to stand up again.

I guess the Captain saw the whole scene from the boat and immediately jumped into the dinghy for rescue. That was kinda cute! But we just tried again with Bucky walking Mats out a little further and we made it ok passed the break and laughed in relieve the whole way back to Alsager. Yupp, we do have a (shore break) past (probably like everyone does) and it is making my heart (and Matsi’s)race again every time.

Later in the evening we had shared a Pizza in the restaurant and the nice day ended in a not so nice night for me, mainly spending it in the bathroom. Since the two men did not have any stomach problems, we figured, it couldn’t have been the restaurant, where we had all shared a meal. I was pretty groggy, when the alarm clock rang at 6:30am and I had only gone to bed at 4am. The sail for me was a bit of a chewing gum and I was glad, when we finally arrived in Tenacatita. It did not help much, when the Captain steered the boat away from shore, as the wind had turned south and not favorable for our route. The 37mile sail than turned more into a 50+mile all day sail.

What got my mind off a bit while not feeling well, you can find in the clip below.




The Jack we caught turns out to have very dark meat. We tried it on the BBQ and it turned out like steak, really good! Since that was a big guy, we decided to use the rest in a fish stew.




We got up at 6:30am when it was still dark outside. With the first light, we maneuvered out of the anchorage, the 3 shrimp fishing boats had already left for there work day at 4am. The first hour we motored through a windless morning, but than pulled the sails up and had a really nice sail to Chamela.


Again we let the lines out and a huge fish got on the hook at one point, but we lost that guy as the line tore. Too big for us than anyways. Right before we reached Chamela as I was wheeling in the lines, we did notice a fantasic catch though, see below – LOL! Mats repeated over and over:” We DID catch something though, ha ha ha”


Chamela reminded us a little bit of Chacala, the anchorage and beach a lot bigger, a bit of a shore break and they as well have a Panga Harbor. We were planning on staying the next day, but than continue to Tenecetita, as we wanted to arrive to a Fiesta in Barra de Navididad end of the week and knew, we could visit all the spots again on the way back up.

When we arrived, we pumped up our secondary dinghy donkey and rowed to shore for a yummy fish dinner. Tired we all fell into bed ones back aboard.


We thought this is a really cool rig. We meanwhile found out, that it is up for sale.


Ipala + Movie


Since we had packed up the dinghy the evening before, we were able to leave when the sun came up, which was around 7:20 am. We had to motorsail at first, but soon were able to get rid of the humming sound of the motor and had a good sail all the way to Ipala, around the sometimes sketchy Point “Cabo Corrientes.

We passed little Islands, saw lots of whales in the distance, had dolphins swimming with us for a short time and we tried out that fishing thing again. In an hourly rythm, I exchanged the lures just for fun and the third time I was still letting the line out, a fish got on the hook. I wheeled it in in excitement, but we could not figure out right away, what kind of fish it was. So we let it free before risking him to suffer and later with more time in hand, found out that it was a Mackerel.


We passed little Islands, saw lots of whales in the distance, had dolphins swimming with us for a short time and passed miles and miles of sandy beaches.

We tried out that fishing thing again. In an hourly rythm, I exchanged the lures just for fun and the third time I was still letting the line out, a fish got on the hook. I wheeled it in in excitement, but we could not figure out right away, what kind of fish it was. So we let it free before risking him to suffer and later with more time in hand, found out that it was a Mackerel.


Big shrimp fishing boats marked the entrance of the Ipala anchorage and both our eyes on Navionics, we found our anchor spot and chilled. We had arrived already at 2:30pm, but were still tired form the sail. Ipala shore looked like a cute little place with a nice beach and some restaurants, but we decided to not set up the dinghy and rest instead. Plan was an early departure the next morning for the 50 miles towards Chamela.


Happy Birthday, Captain!



Send him a message here 😊: ⬇️


It’s been quite an adventure so far. While the Captain is on a delivery job helping to get the ’62 Gunboat Chim Chim back to San Diego, Mats, myself and dog Noah are enjoying some comfy days in the La Cruz Marina.

DSCF4840Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.35.12 AMDSCF6875

Today is the Captain’s Birthday, which we unfortunately cannot celebrate together this year. But we will think of him dearly and make up for it once he returns to Mexico.

Our inreach Garmin is with the Captain for communication purposes! His phone will most likely have limited service. A short message will make him smile, I bet.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us.


Meanwhile I will try to catch up on the adventures we had down south. Stay tuned!

Gunboat CHIM CHIM crosses the finish line-> San Diego-Puerto Vallarta 2018 race


Today we had the great pleasure to watch Chim Chim cross the finish line by Punta Mita on their San Diego to Puerto Vallarta 2018 race. We were the only spectators at sea cheering for them. Due to the fact that we are anchored in Punta Mita right now, followed the position of Chim Chim during the race and also being in contact with the crew, we were able to time it perfect and took the dinghy out to meet them at the finish line. No other boats were near them at that time.

Here a little clip and pics:


The owner John Gallagher and crew Kyle Gunderson were so nice and accommodating, they even invited us on board right after the finish line crossing with our dinghy in tow.


Here the happy crew with Punta Mita in the background. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!


Great to be aboard of this beautiful race Catamaran.

Our Captain will help deliver the Gunboat ’62 back to San Diego next week.

Punta Mita Nr. 2



We decided to take Alsager on a short trip to Punta Mita, to check if the motor is running well after the new heat exchanger had been installed and also to make sure there are no more leaks. We did not expect any after sitting in the Marina for a few days, but you cannot be sure until the boat is moving.

There were still a few places we wanted to visit  down south and the closest anchorage from Punta Mita is an approx 40 NM sail, so we had to test the boat first. The only problem we had seemed to be the head, which leaked after reinstallation. The Captain got it working 100% again after 3 days! It did not sit well with me, when he got the bucket out on the 2nd day. 😉

One of my jobs were to climb the mast half way up to reattach chafe protection and secure it with additional tape on top of zip ties, to make sure it lasts longer this time. It is still weird to go up the mast while the boat is rocking and wind is blowing, but I was less nervous this time. Still, I am not sure why my stomach muscles are always close to a cramp. 😉



Punta Mita has been good to us, we found time to exercise while surfing some waves, stand up paddle boarding, having whales in the anchorage has been super entertaining and I tried to get pretty close rowing with our inflatable dinghy and having my camera in hand. Also our friend Simon paddled out on his SUP and a whale dove up right between us and we got a little worried for a second…


HUGE back! Photo doesn’t do it justice.


Ones again we were able to meet up with our cruising buddies from Sailing Vessel Sur, who started there journey not far from us from Monterey, CA and also the Catamaran Nibi, with our Canadian friends who love to Surf and Windsurf and started out being in Mexico in an RV and than bought a Cat to be able to anchor closer to the breaks. Incredible to me, they just pick up sailing along the way! See pic below.


We spent quite some time at the Roof Top Bar “Terraza Manolo” and enjoyed the view,      $ 1,- beers, Football and Wifi.


Especially the Captain has a hard time leaving this place, he is just very fond of what it has to offer and having likewise people around we can call our friends now!

But from what we heard and read, we should not pass up on some other places down south. Since we have the time and made it so far, we are going for it and soon pack up to continue with hopefully stops in Ipala (40 NM) – Chamela (50 NM) – Tenacatita (32 NM) – Barra Navidad (18 NM)! It will be the longest we have sailed without our crew. Going south and downwind we should be fine. And we hope, that we will find a good weather window for the return!


But Punta Mita, we will most likely be back. 😀

This gentleman saved the day!


This fierce blonde gentleman in the middle of those party rockstars, saved our docking! I could not stop laughing. 😂

Before heading out of La Cruz, we had to get some fuel. We went over to the fuel dock, but unfortunately there wasn’t much room due to other boats fueling and the wind blew away from dock. Not a good situation.

The Captain was on the wheel and I was trying to throw the line over to someone on dock who was available to help. But the line missed and ended up in the water. I pulled it in again and the boat by that time was blown away too far from the dock, so the Captain went for a second attempt.

On one of the boats fueling was a group of party people, who watched the whole situation and started calling over, “can we help, can we help”!

On the second attempt I again tried to throw the bow line, but to my defense, we unfortunately had a line setup, which was too short also. I MISSED AGAIN!

Without hesitation, the blonde handsome gentleman in his cute Speedos JUMPED into the water, swam like no tomorrow for the line, swam back and handed over the line to the person waiting on dock. They were able to pull in Alsager and probably saved the marriage… LOL! Lots of hugs and kisses followed, it was really cute.

Thank you forever! 😀