Includes insights of natural Swim hole and Waterfall; gone camping with 3yr old and the dog.

What a great adventure it has been, driving all the way from Canada to San Francisco with son and dog. Seeing new places along the Oregon coast, was spectacular. I do love Hood River, but if I had the choice and time, I’d rather be taking the coastline Astoria – > Florence and than cut back to Highway 5. I have already posted about Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach. After a well rested night in the cute little cottage by Cannon Beach, which was our only Hotel stay on the way, we drove towards Manzanita. I realized, that I had done the right choice stopping in Cannon Beach and enjoying some Beach time, as Wind had picked up and brought cooler temperatures. There were Kitesurfers enjoying there time and we only stopped to get a few croissants and a chocolate ICE CREAM for Mats. 🙂 We continued our way and did not make much progress, it was Saturday and street and towns were busy. However, every little town was very different and it was really tempting to explore every single one of them, especially also due to the coast. But due to traffic and knowing that I would probably get a good chance of an overflow spot at a super nice Campground we’ve been the year before, we continued our way to South Beach State Park in Newport. Our second attempt ended in scoring an RV Spot, which had just been cancelled by someone. Lucky us! It was quite foggy and windy, we made a fire and warmed up and were greeted with sunshine the next morning. The beach is gorgeous and there are great little trails. I love that Campground, especially on sunny days. After there check-out time at 1pm, we drove towards Grants Pass in Oregon and found a  Campground which had a little Waterfall and natural swimming holes. The Video speaks best for all, it was very special!