Beaches in Bermuda

Isn’t that what Bermuda is mostly about? You cannot beat the color of the turquoise water. It’s simply beautiful. Here is a collection of some of the beaches we visited. The first four are the kid friendliest ones, since they are very protected.

Tobacco Bay in St. George


Jobson’s Cove in Warwick Parish


Snorkel Park at Royal Naval Dockyard


Admiralty House Park and Clarence Cove, lots to explore


Elbow Beach in Paget, the part with public access and  Elbow Beach Resort, where you can find some fine restaurants and there is fun nightlife happening every Friday.



Pink Beach, Tucker’s Town, great food and sitting area at Pink Beach Resort


Warwick Long Bay, Warwick Parish


Famous Horseshoe Bay, Southhampton Parish. it can get pretty busy here, lots of Cruise Ship guests like to visit this spot.


Gibbs’ Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda

After climbing up a set of about 185 steps, you have a complete view of the entire island. And if you get hungry, combine this trip with a lunch or dinner at the famous Henry the VIII on South road. They have tasty Sushi and they serve my favorite Bermuda IPA “OnDeRock”. Funny story was when my friend ordered the IPA by it’s name and the waitress brought him a glass with ice and a glass with the beer. Luckily she did not put the ice into the beer, LOL.

At the lighthouse is a cute little souvenir store and it’s only $3,- for the climb. You can get to the railway trail for a walk across the street from the lighthouse and there are always beautiful flowers and butterflies. It’s well worth the sweat.

My favorite Helmsmen of the America’s Cup! Artemis.

Today I was honored to meet this down to earth Helmsmen of the Artemis Team Sweden in person, Nathan Outteridge. Thank you much and also your wife Emma who is just super sweet. They’ve all been having a hell of a time here in Bermuda and are now enjoying some well deserved down time! Cheers to you, who made this America’s Cup so exciting to us! You’ve done a fabulous job and I hope to see you all again soon.  🙂IMG_0451

Somerset Village in Bermuda

IMG_0261A very cute little village towards Dockyard. We took the bus to Somerset Bridge Watersports first, rented a kayak and spotted many turtles. From there you are able to get onto the Railroad trail, which is a nice way to peacefully walk and get away from the street noise. Also possible to take the stroller here pretty easily, after climbing up a few stairs. It is about a 2 mile walk to Somerset village from there and you can reward yourself afterwards with a fine lunch at the Somerset Country Squire Restaurant. It is also called the drinking and arguing club. 🙂

Beautiful St George, Bermuda

Being on the island for 2 months now, I have to say that my favorite little town is St. George. It is more quiet and relaxed. You can get there by bus, taxi or by ferry from Dockyard. Ferry is the nicest option, it doesn’t run every day though. Tobacco Beach is about a 15-20min walk from Ferry and a gorgeous place to snorkel, have a cocktail, a bite to eat and listen to some life music. On the way you pass the famous unfinished Church.

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