Getting of the anchor in Sherman and sail to Benicia with stop in Pittsburg.


After some fantastic days at Sherman Island with the Family (you can check it out here ), we waited for the best conditions possible to leave the anchorage and sail to Pittsburg. You never know what can happen, is the anchor going to get loose by moving the boat around with motor power, in what moment will that happen. Could a wind gust push the boat in the wrong direction, which would cause trouble due to shallow spots all around and since the boat has a very wide turn around. What I am usually mostly concerned is the Captain leaving the boat to help get it going and us alone in that moment on Alsager, afraid not doing the right thing. So, it is always a bit nerve wrecking to get in and out of Sherman. The tensions are on.

But this time it was a smooth and as the Captain says, perfect procedure and off we go towards Pittsburg. We really love this small little Marina, it is well maintained, no problem to get in and out coming at the right time tidewise and getting a slip for a night has been easy so far. It is cheap to stay here and nice to have a normal shower, after some fun but not so clean Delta washes. The KITE BAR is a great place to hang out, have breakfast, lunch, jummy Smoothies and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere. The nights in the slip are quiet and protected. Also a big plus when you slept with howling wind for days. After Pittsburg we have a longer sail ahead of us to get to Benicia. Crossing underneath bridges, sounds easy, but actually not so, since you have to think about the towers and going upwind, you cannot sail straight through them. Lots of tacking involved, but nice to have the time and be able to sail upwind instead of motoring or motor sailing. Benicia is also a bit tricky as it gets really shallow on low tide, but thanks to on time departure from Pittsburg, we are good here too. Thanks Captain! Benicia has a big Marina, we are able to get a slip for the night and enjoy spending time in the downtown area with a fine dinner at Sailor Jack’s. The views are spectacular and we are excited to watch an amazing sunset.