Meet the Baja crew. YES, WE ARE DOING IT!


Here we are, planning a new adventure. This one is the biggest one for me, Mats and our dog Noah just yet! The Captain has done it before. Sailing South. Towards Mexico. Since the Captain has quit his job in the Bay area for now, there is not necessary a big rush coming back. We might just stay the winter in Mexico. Go kiting, snorkeling, fishing, learning to make Sushi and checking out the main land.

A big achievement is, that we have found someone, who wants to join us for the ride. He is a good friend from Canada and an experienced Adventurer, Sailor, Surfer, Fisher and fluent in Spanish. He is easy to get along with, a cool guy who just went on his first Burning Man and he is also Giant! 😀

We are very excited, with some mixed feelings for the unknown on my side. Since I am usually up for an adventure, I am also just very curious.

We will try to let you join the craziness as much as we can. It might not be easy due to none-existant coverage, so there will probably be longer periods without any updates. You can always check our Facebook page or best subscribe to our youtube channel to get the latest clips. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

The only place where Roy can stand up inside the boat, if the hatch is open.
Heading out to grab some supper
Alsager – Our Sailboat

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