A little more about the boat

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We have introduced our dog in the last blog, find it here, now we would like you to know a bit more about the sailboat, Alsager. First of all, it is made out of steel. Which I think is awesome.  It makes me feel more secure simply because it’s less easy to destroy than wood or fiberglass.

” Alsager “, formerly ” Cepheus III “. 1968, built in Holland in Corten steel (Rabbit II design).

The Captain was in correspondence with the daughter of Dick Carter and had the honor of exchanging Emails with the builder Frans Maas, who sadly has passed in a capsize of his yacht during the Light Vessel Race, Belgium this year. Deepest sympathies to his family!

Your yacht is a Dick Carter design, better known as RABBIT II. Fastnet winner overall 1967.
Rabbit II was built in 1967 yard Job No 190.
We built two sister ships: CEPHEUS III Job No 208, the owner was J.Sheppard Poor-USA. At that time he was living in Paris and worked as banker for Chease Manhatten Bank
FER FLEUR Job No 212 owner Mark Wallenberg- Sweden.
J.Sheppard Poor sold Cepheus as she had to much problems with the draft in Chesapeake Bay. Second owner unknown.
Dick Carter draw the lines- and sailplan. I did the steel construction plans and the interior- and deckplan.
At the photos she is looking in very good shape. I think it is CHEPHEUS III
Kind regards.
Frans Maas
I went through  old files of the Cepheus and I found some information.
The LOA of the hull is 41’ 6”,  LWL . 30’ , Beam  12’6” , Draft 6’ 9” Displacement 19842 Lbs
Lead ballast 6613 Lbs   Steel keel 1543 Lbs
The racing boats for RORC rule were built very heavy as the rule favoured heavy scantlings.
The mainsails where measured for 100 %, the headsails for 85 %.
Result: Mainsails  too  small and head sails too big for easy handling.
A longer boom and bigger main work much better, with the head sail shorter in the foot.
Kind regards.

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