Day 4 – My first overnight experience


  • When I learned, that we had to do an overnight passage to get to the next possible anchorage, I wasn’t happy. In my imagination I would team up with someone who had already experience doing so the first time, but after a few instructions I realized, that it was just me for 3 hours! Crap. The further the day progressed, tensions were rising. Luckily the Captain decided to roll up in a sleeping bag in the cockpit during my watch , so I was a bit releaved.
  • My duties included watching for lights from possible ship traffic all around, checking the radar on the navigation station inside the boat every 20 min, watch the Temperature from the engine, as we had to motor due to non-windy conditions. Watch that the Autopilot and us on navigation Computer were on track. Using only red lights during the night, white ones are too bright, is the last one I remember.
  • What was I able to see? Some lights on shore on port side, some distant lights of boats, Alsager’s night lights on bow, stern and mast, tons of stars, the milky way and some shooting stars. 🙂
  • Other than that it was DARK and spooky. Luckily no fog, but some haze.
  • My thoughts during my watch were, why the hell am I doing this? Do people actually enjoy this? Will I get used to it?
  • To be honest, in that moment I just wanted to sit in my car and drive down the Highway…
  • But I guess, that’s how it goes when you leave your comfort zone.
  • And than there was this moment when dolphins came charging towards us and played with the boat, something so cool and magical, you can barely see, but you never want it to stop.
  • Soon after the sun came up and it all didn’t look that bad anymore.