1st day sailing towards Mexico

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  • We left Sausalito around 8:15am on a calm morning. It was very smoky from the wildfires, the sun was trying to glance through all the dirt in the air. It was different, kinda stunning being able to look directly at the sun at this time of day.
  • We had to motor and than motorsail, until we finally hit some wind. The boat was moving up and down through rolling water. Our boy got a little scared and we took him out of his carseat into the cockpit, where he fell asleep. No sign of seasickness. I certainly had a bit of a fight ones a while and am not really looking forward to have a longer stretch ahead of us tomorrow, with the same weather conditions.
  • We entered Half Moon Bay at around 2pm and decided to find a spot inside the Marina. The sky still smoky in Half Moon Bay and the beautiful sunset did not put the correct picture on what is going on with the terrible Wildfires!
  • Tomorrow we are aiming for Santa Cruz or Monterey.

Rough night


The wind direction has changed, wind is howling outside and it is very choppy inside the Marina. Our boat is rocking back and forth and the squeaking of fenders must have woken me up. All those calm nights we had assured for well rested nights the last month. I am up and my mind is imagining how it will be when we have set sail to head down the coast. How the body will adjust to the constant rocking and rolling of the boat. How our little 3yr old boy and our dog will cope for hours and hours, day after day. Will we get seasick, will we be able to eat, drink, sleep? Will we all get along? Will I freak out in the middle of the ocean and just want to go back into my safety place?

It’s a big adventure and it’s the dream of the captain to go sailing with the Family. I love adventures, but this one just seems a bit crazy. I am being told often “Don’t worry so much, you will love it”! And I do hope I will. But it is probably also normal to fear the unknown. And to hope it is the right choice, especially for the ones who are not able to make there own decisions yet, it is a big responsibility.

The conditions just have calmed outside, the howling and rocking of the boat have changed into a sweet lullaby. I am going back to bed, tomorrow will be another day…

Lots to prepare


Very soon now we are planning to set sail towards Mexico. A lot of things still need to be done, sometimes we run around like chickens and other times I catch myself frozen, not even knowing where to start. At the end there is probably not enough time for the items you wanted done, but I believe it will feel like all the other times going on a trip, the big relief will take place once you sit in your airplane or car seat and are on your way. Once we pull up that sail, tensions will slowly disappear.

Here I edited a very nice moment captured when we met up with our good friend who will join us on our journey, as well as other preparations. If you go directly to youtube, you can watch this full screen.