Remote Island Cerralvo- fantastic


We left Los Muertos early in the morning and sailed towards the Island across from La Ventana. This was our second try, the day before we had to turn around as we started to have too much head wind, which would have made the not perfect protected anchorage a bit uncomfortable. But this time, it was perfect. We arrived and found a good spot and our Kruiser immediately dug out the spear gun, which he hadn’t used yet. He jumped in the water, while the rest of us cleaned up the boat and got things ready for a later island visit.


Kruiser came back with a very pretty grouper. He prepared it right away and made some yummy seared fish, which we than enjoyed with freshly baked bread. Yupp, I finally got around to use our OMNIA oven and made whole wheat bread. It was YUMMY!


With new strength we set up the dinghy and the family went to shore, while our man Kruiser jumped off the boat to catch some more fish for dinner. We explored the island, Noah was happy to cruise around a bit, we went for a swim and found out, that we weren’t the first visitors.






The Sunset, Pelicans hunting and the bonfire by the big cactus, where we cooked the other two fish Kruiser caught for us, will be in our memories as an unforgettable one! What a great day.