Barra de Navididad


When we left Tenacatita, we were only 12 NM away from Barra. But oh boy, it took us forever to get there, as we hit some fishing long lines. We went a bit off shore to be able to sail, all of a sudden we saw a little coke bottle in the water. We than looked up and down the water and saw more and more bottles apart from each other, but in a line. You don’t want to have that line wrapped around any part of your boat and than have to go diving. Especially not around the prop and therefore not being able to run the motor! We tried to sail away from it, which was in the wrong direction, until we were able to flag down a Panga. They told us, that the end was about a mile away, by that time we already had tried to avoid the line for 45 minutes. When we finally arrived at the flag and end of longline, we were 22 NM away from Barra! That short sail ahead of us ended in another almost all day sailday.

Barra de Navididad was the furthest point south for us. We had to be back in the Puerte Vallarta area 2 weeks later for a boat delivery job for the Captain.

There was an anchorage next to the Marina, which turned out to be very shallow, so we decided to check out the Marina. There was a fantastic pool in the super nice resort, which the Marina guests were allowed to visit. It was super hot in the Marina and lots of Mosquito’s around. The nights were not pleasant and we were looking forward to get some breeze again back in an anchorage. We stayed a few days, cleaned the boat and enjoyed the pool and explored the area. I was still dealing with an upset stomach and sore body from catching a bug in Chamela, that took about a week.

This is the resort from the other side of the bay.


The Marina


Taking the Panga to Barra for 30 pesos, very nice to not have to set up the dinghy and just call them up on the radio.


Barra de Navididad. Some buildings were still in the works or left undone when probably financial means were running out.



Cute little restaurants and shops


A church preparing for a wedding ceremony


This was the festival we were planning to see and why we had not stayed in Chamela or Tenacatita for too long. There were also fun little rides for Mats in the evening.


This restaurant “Nacho” was recommended to us by some locals and the Captain was enjoying it especially.


The shallow anchorage we checked out by dinghy


When we sailed into Barra, we saw some tragedy squeezed into the rock. We decided to check out the container ship wreck later on with our dinghy. The first pics show how we saw it from the sailboat.


Getting closer we were able to get a look at the whole wreck. The swell was pretty big and Mats did not like it very much being so far out with the dinghy. We kept our visit pretty short.


This sacred place is found just to the starboard side of the entry into Barra.


Pool time at the resort


And this was the Resort Blanca. They are super friendly and welcoming to non-guests as well, have a dinghy dock free of use, amazing food, good Wifi and we spend 2 afternoons here.


Barra was nice, we enjoyed our stay.