Hard to say Good-bye! Puerto Escondido / Loreto


Puerto Escondido has a small Marina and a mooring ball field. It’s not allowed to anchor there and a mooring ball costs $25 a night, versus $125,- in the Marina.

We left San Marte in the morning and had to watch out for many reefs and hidden rocks under the water. Carefully we set waypoints recommended by our guide books into our Navionics App to make sure we don’t get close to any danger. And we kept our eyes open. We motored a lot but could sail a little as well. S/V Isabella went to the mooring balls first and we got a heads up on how deep the channel was, as we were approaching on low tide.


We grabbed a mooring ball, which is not the easiest task and rowed to shore. The office was already closed, but everything very relaxed there. It was nice to have a fresh water shower and we had Pizza and beers in the restaurant at the Marina. We also finally had Wifi again, after over a week of remoteness. Nice to be connected again.


There are always more things to do, when you are in civilization. Laundry, Provisions, washing the boat, fueling, repairs. Sometimes it is more relaxing being on anchorage. We weren’t “quite” in the Marina, but they had a big dock and portable water. So, we were able to pull in and take care of the things which needed to be done.

Having friends around, the beer started flowing around 3pm. We were planning to head to Honeymoon cove the next day which was close by and have a last bonfire with everyone and say “see you later”. After hanging out with everyone and having a burger at the Marina restaurant, we headed back to Alsager.


Checking the wind forecast it seemed smart to hang for a while. We rented a car the next day and together with our friends from S/V Isabella, we first found a Notary; as I wanted to take a permission letter from the Captain for our travel to Germany; and checked out Loreto afterwards.

There was a nice plaza with a church and some tourist shops. While the guys had a beer, Julie and I walked around and checked out the shops. We don’t get to do that too often, so that was very enjoyable. When we got together again, we walked around some more and had dinner at Super Burritos.


The next morning was busy. We took Alsager to fuel at 8:45am, so fuel dock was supposed to open at 9am and we wanted to make sure we are the first ones and have plenty of room and hopefully no wind to pull-in nicely. Nobody was to be seen at opening. We contacted the Marina office and they confirmed someone coming in the next 5 minutes. The Captain meanwhile started washing the boat and Mats and I went to get some last groceries, ice and check-out of the Marina.

Fantasy and Isabella were also at the big dock washing and preparing boats. We checked the weather one last time and had to admit, that it did not look good for the Honeymoon cove. We all decided to skip it and went back to the mooring ball, where we had a big shocker. The Captain tried to make it easy for me and somehow the mooring ball was not set up right. I did not know and tried to reach it. The hook got stuck and Alsager ended up right on top of it. The Captain was furious and mad at himself, but to me, since I had the hook in my hand and could not hold it, the force was too strong, felt attacked by all the cursing. It felt like he was mad at me.

Luckily Alsagers prop did not get stuck and we just drifted over it, the mooring ball popped up with the hook still attached and I jumped into the dinghy and got it back. We went to a different mooring ball and all went fine.

We decided to head south the next day and our new friends wanted to have a little potluck good-bye dinner for us and after a rest, we all went back to shore. We got a tow from Fantasy’s dinghy with motor, since the new mooring ball was a bit further away and a long way to row. We left Noah on board, since he had plenty of walks over the day already and sometimes, he just likes to sleep.

The potluck was fun, S/V Nomi joined as well and we learned, that they had gone to Honeymoon cove in the morning to meet us there later, but at that time we were still all planning to go.

When we all said our farewell and headed back to Alsager, we arrived and called for Noah. He was not on deck and I also could not spot him in the cabin. Did he fall overboard? We called him again and heard something… oh noo… did he fall down the hedge? It was dark and I jumped quickly from the dinghy onto Alsager. I looked down the hatch and yes, there he was. I ran into the boat to check if he is ok. Fortunately the bungee cord which was attaching the Mosquito netting around the hatch, must have easened the fall. He had the cord around the middle of his body, just standing there. I helped him out of it and let him slowly walk through the alley of the boat. He seemed ok. We carried him up the stairs and he layed down in his bed. What a shock at the end of the day. Thank goodness he is alright!