Bermuda, what did I not like?


The America’s Cup 2017 is finished and oh boy, was it a spectacle. There were lots of highs and after reflecting everything ones again, there were a few lows as well. First one which comes to my mind are the Portuguese Man of War, also called blue bottle. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a painful (and sometimes fatal) sting. We spotted them on many days at the Beaches, depending on wind direction.

Another annoying thing could be the Busses. I am not saying the Bus system is bad. They do try their best to accommodate those people, who cannot have a car. It is not possible to rent a car, but it is possible to rent scooters. Given the fact that it’s left side driving, this option is for many not imaginable. For me, it wasn’t an option with our 3 year old, so it was either Bus, or Taxi. But, hey, who can afford a Taxi every day? So, Bus it was, and sometimes first the Bus and than Ferry, which was always nicer. I did have a Ferry breaking down and a Bus break down. Busses also tended to be too full to stop, came late or not at all or happened to see you…. NOT. Fun thing, when you have 3 bags of groceries, a stroller and a sleeping child in your arm. Hurray! 🙂

The humidity can be a bit of a challenge for some. But a dip into the wonderful turquoise water makes up for that in no time.

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