Back in the USA- Captain on a big boat delivery, rest of gang, road trip home!

It’s been a long time away from home and it has been an adventure. After more than 3 months, we now have entered the US again. US – Canada – Bermuda – Canada – US. We were literally the last Van they squeezed into the Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles. I was so happy, as it is quite a journey having a kid, a dog and a Van full of stuff along and having to go through the custom process with all. Not making the Ferry would have meant having to leave the car inside the inspection area and to wait 4 1/2 hours for the next. Gosh, was I happy, when that worked out. Make reservations, if you can!

At the end of the day, we found an RV Park right along Highway 101. Artic RV Park, very friendly owners. But being right next to the Freeway didn’t make it for a restful night. The place was cute though.

Why is it only the 3 of us? The Captain had to fly to Hawaii to sail a 62 foot Gunboat back to Seattle. Hopefully we have some news about that soon!


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