Bumpy Sail across San Pablo Bay

After a fantastic last night watching the Meteor Showers anchored at Napa River (watch Napa River here), we headed back towards Sausalito. Through Napa River we decided to motor, since looking at the forecast, we knew we would have a tough sail through San Pablo Bay ahead of us. Trying to figure out the correct navigation route on the computer screen while the Captain took care storing away the anchor chain by the bow (front of boat) , I almost ran us aground. Just seeing the water getting shallower quickly from 24 to 12 feet, I had no clue which way to turn as it looked to me that we were exactly on track. I started yelling for the Captain who than quickly appeared on my side. That was a close one and the suggestion if that happens again to quickly put the motor in neutral at least when not sure where to go, was not coming from nowhere. 😉 It’s easy to freeze up when you don’t know what to do and panic at the same time. Lots of things to learn.

San Pablo Bay than was a bumpy ride, we tried to hug the coast as much as possible to avoid the worse. The sails took a beating, the dog had to work hard through the bumpy sea and Mats was simply a trooper. Sitting in his car seat nice and safe, watching a DVD, eating or even sleeping. I don’t know how he does it not getting sea sick below. But luckily it is his favorite place to be as soon as it gets a bit rough.

When it got smoother, but still blasting close to Angel Island, Mats wanted to come up and was cheering for his Captain Dad, who took on a sail race with two other boats. This was one of the funnest sails we had, maybe because it is getting easier with our son and also because I am able to help more on the boat. Here is our video clip:

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