Day 2 – Half Moon Bay – Monterey

  • Day 2 Sailing towards Mexico
  • We started from Half Moon Bay at about 7:45am. The sun was just peeking over the hills when we pulled out of the Marina. It is really something else, when you experience the world just waking up. I love these moments. Like the morning before, there was no wind to sail, so we had to motor for a few hours, again in very rolly conditions. This time I did not feel that nauseous, at least for first half of the day. We saw lots of spouting whales around us, not super close, but still cool to know the Humpbacks were there. Finally some wind showed up and we pulled the main sheet out and the men attached the spinnaker pole onto the jib to go wing on wing. Best scenario going straight downwind.
  • And then this happened…IMG_2775 I heard a weird noise, somewhat like the line from the jib is slipping. I had a peak and saw, that part of the line was torn. The rope is twisted with 3 strands and one tore. The Captain ask me to quickly remove Noah’s leash, which is a rope. Than he tied one end above the tear and the other on the other end. To double assure the lines hold, he than attached a 2nd line above the tear and the other end he attached around the winch. Just a minute later, the line with the flaw tore completely! I was a bit in shock as it showed me, how quickly things can change on a boat and that just seconds and quick action can make a big difference. The setup had to go through quite a test, but it held up and we made it safely to Monterey after an 11 hour sail day. The longest one for me and it indeed felt that way.
  • I was very happy when the Captain announced, that he planned on a land day the next day, to sort things out on the boat, replace the faulty ropes etc and go to the Aquarium with our little man. 🙂

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