The Surf in San Juanico / Scorpion Bay


There are things I haven’t thought of, when I dialed into this adventure. All of a sudden, they just live up to you and all you can think of is “F$&x”!

One of them is getting to shore in a dinghy, when surf is up and you have kid and dog on board and don’t know yourself what the heck you are doing. It doesn’t necessarily help, when the Captain, which is your husband, starts running down scenarios. Freaky shit. I bet from shore, it all doesn’t look that horrible. But if one of those strong little sucker waves grabs your dinghy and it doesn’t seem to take much to flip it, bury things underneath and destroy the only motor you got….  I don’t even want to think further than that….

DSCF4332Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.37.29 PM

It’s serious stuff and it did not come to my mind beforehand.

In Punta Abreojos, we did not even try to get to shore ourselves, we asked some Mexican Fishermen, if they could bring us to shore in there Panga.

But in San Juanico, we came specifically for the surf and the men felt comfortable to read the waves and find us a good time to get on and off shore. Most of the time, it worked well. One time, I jumped out of the boat too early due to a misunderstanding and had Mats in my arm. It was still a little too deep and we both went heads under, until my feet hit the ground and I walked us up. The men (and Mats) were very confused on why I had done it, but I just had misunderstood the command and saw a wave coming. Silly me, right?

Some other times we got soaking wet, but all went well. It was good, that Kruiser is so tall and able to walk us out and hold the boat, while the Captain quickly tried to start the motor. All went well during the 6 days getting on and off shore, I just had occasional nightmares, that’s all.

We were able to either surf, SUP Surf or Boogie board some good waves and that was fun. The waves are very slow and it’s a long way from the point to beach. There is a Campground too, just grab your board and walk down. Surfer’s paradise.

The Pro’s


And non Pro 😀


And the weirdo


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