Not in line


is this post. But before it gets postponed and loses its value and after all the whining, I want to mention what a wonderful day we had in Cabo yesterday . Thanks to the Captain and YOU – Jake! Loved every minute. 🙂 We were guests at this amazing resort and had lots of fun in the pool, high above our anchorage.


2 thoughts on “Not in line”

  1. Cool meeting y’all in Cabos. Nice to hear another’s sailors story of what it’s like sailing down the coast for the first time. We are stoked to spend more time with another family boat. Here is my number to talk about planning our next passage together: 404.819.5455

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    1. Adam, pleasure is on our site. Coolest boat ever! Took some pics of your boat, but now that I see that you are into photography, I am sure you got plenty yourself! 🙂 See you later at anchorage.


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