Todos Santos and the famous Hotel California!


Our Motor was now fixed and the Extreme Sailing Series was going to start in 2 days. A good time to check out famous town Todos Santos. After a 1 hour bus ride, we reached our destination and had breakfast at this cute place.


We had rented an Airbnb Bungalow which was close to town and the owner was so nice and gave us a lift whenever we needed it. Except the advertised Pool which had no water in it, everything was really great.


The town has many souvenir shops and the famous Hotel California. We had a beer at the bar there just because and checked out some gorgeous boutique Hotels. After we watched the sun settle into the ocean, we got invited by a smart waiter, who praised a 2 for 1 Margarita, which we enjoyed as well as Tortilla Soup and Tacos.



After breakfast our crew Kruiser reached out to us with a possibility to catch a ride with him. His friend had lend him his cool truck and we had a fun ride back to Cabo. A successful little get away. 🙂


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