San Jose del Cabo


The Captain was a little nervous, as we had tried now for so many times and put hours and hours into getting the motor back in shape. There was really not much wrong with it, but once it is loosing it’s prime, and there only needs to be a small leak somewhere which lets air in, it is just a big hassle and everyone hopes, it was the right spot and is now absolutely airtight.

But the motor held up and we motor sailed to San Jose del Cabo and got a nice spot at the Marina, next to our friends from SV Lea Scotia. The first Marina since San Diego! The boat got a well deserved fresh water wash and we enjoyed the warm showers!

DSCF4840DSCF4832DSCF4826The cute little downtown area has a bit more charm than Cabo San Lucas.


Mats has a buddy on SV Lea Scotia, the boat to the left of us and it’s always great when the kids have someone to play with. We have met the family with a almost 3yr old and a 7 months baby in San Diego and we kept contact along the way, until we found another again in Cabo and travelled together for a bit on our Journeys. A great family! 🙂



Our Kruiser came back from Chihuahua the next day and we prepared the boat for the next leg, towards Los Frailes

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