When things in Cabo get ugly+Movie clip

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What is it with Cabo? First we could not get there fast enough, so the Captain could take on another job and then, it would not let us go again. We tried several times. Twice we were all ready to go, thought we had the motor fixed, and twice the motor failed on us. Each time it caused a couple days delay, as it was always right in time for the weekend with no mechanics in sight.

And now the weather doesn’t play well, which made things quite difficult for everyone in the anchorage. It started with swell followed by strong winds and being on the boat felt like being inside a washing machine. The constant rolling and up and down made Mats and myself feel motion sick. After a night of no sleep, the Captain packed us up, drove us to shore with the dinghy for an egg breakfast and found a great hotel right by the Marina. And he did that right in time as things got worse. Here a little clip when things were a little bit more mellow again, to give you and idea.

His attempt going back to Alsager almost ended in a disaster and us losing our dinghy. When he tried getting into the channel, a big wave threw the bow upwards and water rushed over the stern into the dinghy. The Captain had to throw himself forward to prevent the dinghy from swamping. He shuffled the water out as best as possible and made a second attempt. He made it to Alsager and while the waves threw the dinghy against the side of the boat, he tried to hold on and find a moment to get onto our sailing vessel. I wasn’t there, but we have done it with a kid and dog on board and even when the situation is not so intense, it is always a moment of adrenaline rush to get everyone from one boat to the other safely. So, very glad he made it ok!

He noticed, that boats around him had all kind of problems, but since he was by himself, he had to attend to the safety of ours first. He immediately started the motor to make sure, he could hold Alsager in place, in case the Anchor would start dragging. Than he got a second anchor out and with the help of a nice neighbor, who assisted in his dinghy, they were able to set a second anchor.

He stayed most of the day on the boat while Mats had fun at the pool and both of our bellies started feeling better. Poor Captain. When he felt good enough about leaving the boat and things around him, he came back and managed to also have a nice spot for Noah in the Hotel. I ordered a well deserved Hamburger and Margarita for him and we all passed out quite early that night. Let’s see, if we make it out of Cabo! 🙂

Todos Santos and the famous Hotel California!


Our Motor was now fixed and the Extreme Sailing Series was going to start in 2 days. A good time to check out famous town Todos Santos. After a 1 hour bus ride, we reached our destination and had breakfast at this cute place.


We had rented an Airbnb Bungalow which was close to town and the owner was so nice and gave us a lift whenever we needed it. Except the advertised Pool which had no water in it, everything was really great.


The town has many souvenir shops and the famous Hotel California. We had a beer at the bar there just because and checked out some gorgeous boutique Hotels. After we watched the sun settle into the ocean, we got invited by a smart waiter, who praised a 2 for 1 Margarita, which we enjoyed as well as Tortilla Soup and Tacos.



After breakfast our crew Kruiser reached out to us with a possibility to catch a ride with him. His friend had lend him his cool truck and we had a fun ride back to Cabo. A successful little get away. 🙂


AFTER finally fixing the motor – PARTY!


Ones the Captain returned from the delivery, Kruiser and him went right at it to try fixing the Motor. And they were successful for about 2 days and we were all in good spirits. And than again, same thing, Motor lost it’s prime again. We luckily found some mechanics over the weekend, who were willing to come out to the anchorage on Monday. They did there magic and now the motor works better than before (knock on wood!) But the whole motor thing was indeed frustrating for the guys, as it seemed fine for days and than…. 😦

So now: 😀 Yippieh!


The weekend before the mechanics were able to come, we had some nice family time. Went snorkeling, had a dip in the pool and enjoyed some really great meals. 🙂

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Cabo San Lucas – feeling of accomplishment


We stayed in Cabo San Lucas way longer than anticipated. One reason was, that the Captain left for a delivery job from San Diego to Cabo on a 100 foot Powerboat for a few days. The next reason was, that we started to have engine problems on our 3 day/night Sail from San Juanico to Cabo San Lucas. Read about it here.

The Captain and Kruiser did a really good job and thought, they had it fixed, after the were sweating away in the small alley which gives access to the motor. Unfortunately the motor did loose it’s prime again. For now, we had to kick back, as we needed to get the Immigration/Customs clearance taken care of first, so that the Captain was able to fly out for the delivery job. It took about half day, but wasn’t really difficult.  We did celebrate our arrival in Cabo with some Margarita’s and I felt very happy and just had a feeling of accomplishment. Wow, we sailed all the way from Sausalito to Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO!


The Captain flew out the next day and Mats and myself enjoyed a dip in the pool, where we had breakfast the day before. We had a fabulous day and lots of fun. The days until the Captain’s return we just spend at the pool, beach, doing laundry in town. We also took the dinghy to Lands End, which is the rock formation with great snorkeling and Lover’s and Divorce Beach. Fun little trip. MOVIE UP TOMORROW!



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Everything comes in 3’s…

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On our morning ice-stock-up-run to shore before setting sail out of San Juanico/Scorpion Bay, we checked Emails one last time. The Captain got a message, if he was able to take part in a delivery of a 100 foot Power Boat from San Diego to Cabo a few days later. One of there planned crew had cancelled and they were now in need to find a replacement quickly. We brainstormed and even if it seemed pretty odd to fly back to San Diego, where we had just come from, the Captain also didn’t want to let anybody down and it seemed doable. We were getting ready to leave anyway, but now had to do a 3 day/3 night nonstop sail to Cabo. We all know, how much I love that!

After all crew members gave there ok, we headed out. The start was awesome. We had great sailing wind and had a double strike of Yellow Fin Tuna just a couple hours in. Here our Exciting Fishing Experiences between San Diego and Cabo all in a clip:

The Fun Sushi Making Experience was dimmed when Mats woke up and complained about stomach ache. It seems, that after every stop of a few days, the little guy now fights sea sickness, which really sucks. Luckily it is only of short time and he manages to pass it by with eating and drinking apple juice.

The days are going by on those long sails with either sleeping when you can, eating, maybe reading or writing and doing your shifts. We had this fresh Tuna and Kruiser showed us some exceptional cooking skills, making the best Seared Tuna I have ever had in my life! Gourmet kitchen. 🙂

Everything went smooth until the third day, except the start we had to motor most of it.

Talking about motoring, after giving the diesel a short break, checking oil and kind of drifting with barely any wind, the Captain tried to start the motor again and it would not start. Just when the men started going through a check list of things which could be wrong, the Autopilot gave an error message and also wasn’t usable. So, we had Kruiser on the steering wheel, Captain reading his “Marine Diesel Engines” “Be your own diesel mechanic” and myself running around with wide open eyes and taking care of Mats, who just had a good nap and was ready to Rock’N Roll.

The next 2 hours were a bit intense, first trying to get the motor running, me and Mats at the helm keeping the course by compass and the man sweating away in the cabin doing there best. And they really did it! After several times of having the key turned 30 seconds, the last time it jumped after I held the key for 35 seconds. Shortly after we tried to turn on the Autopilot again and voila, it also started.

Happily heading our way with 6 knots, we were wondering what Nr. 3 would hold for us. And it happened just when everyone started to relax. I was with Mats in the Cabin and the Captain and Kruiser were lying down talking in the cockpit, miles and miles off shore. We were meanwhile sailing again and the motor was off. All of a sudden we literally stopped. We had hit a crap pot. The lines had caught the rudder and stopped us from moving forward. All tries getting the lines off, weren’t successful, so Kruiser grabbed a knife and a mask and jumped in and cut the lines to free us! Hero’s on board Alsager!

We made it to Cabo at 2am at night and set anchor close to 3 other sailboats.


School of fish jumping out of the water, escaping bigger ones. Cool to watch from the boat.

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