Happy Birthday, Captain!



Send him a message here 😊: ⬇️


It’s been quite an adventure so far. While the Captain is on a delivery job helping to get the ’62 Gunboat Chim Chim back to San Diego, Mats, myself and dog Noah are enjoying some comfy days in the La Cruz Marina.

DSCF4840Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.35.12 AMDSCF6875

Today is the Captain’s Birthday, which we unfortunately cannot celebrate together this year. But we will think of him dearly and make up for it once he returns to Mexico.

Our inreach Garmin is with the Captain for communication purposes! His phone will most likely have limited service. A short message will make him smile, I bet.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us.


Meanwhile I will try to catch up on the adventures we had down south. Stay tuned!

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