We got up at 6:30am when it was still dark outside. With the first light, we maneuvered out of the anchorage, the 3 shrimp fishing boats had already left for there work day at 4am. The first hour we motored through a windless morning, but than pulled the sails up and had a really nice sail to Chamela.


Again we let the lines out and a huge fish got on the hook at one point, but we lost that guy as the line tore. Too big for us than anyways. Right before we reached Chamela as I was wheeling in the lines, we did notice a fantasic catch though, see below – LOL! Mats repeated over and over:” We DID catch something though, ha ha ha”


Chamela reminded us a little bit of Chacala, the anchorage and beach a lot bigger, a bit of a shore break and they as well have a Panga Harbor. We were planning on staying the next day, but than continue to Tenecetita, as we wanted to arrive to a Fiesta in Barra de Navididad end of the week and knew, we could visit all the spots again on the way back up.

When we arrived, we pumped up our secondary dinghy donkey and rowed to shore for a yummy fish dinner. Tired we all fell into bed ones back aboard.


We thought this is a really cool rig. We meanwhile found out, that it is up for sale.


2 thoughts on “Chamela”

    1. Yes, Frank, safely in a Marina, easy getting on and off with the dog, hot showers, a little pool and playground for the little man and tons of people around we got to know through our journey. Not brave at all, rather a luxury… lol 😀


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