Crossing Sea de Cortez… again!


After those two nights in the Isla Isabel anchorage, we got up early to get going to continue our approx. 270 Mile crossing. We had a little scare when we found out, that the anchor chain had wrapped around a rock. But the Captain did a good job telling me which way to steer and we managed to unwrap the chain while driving it back around the rock. Lots of boats in the area had lost their anchors around Isla Isabel, so we got lucky this time!

Off we went into the sunrise.


We felt well rested and the first day went by mellow, we switched shifts and saw turtles, dolphins and I even saw a shark! Sometimes we saw a bird sitting on a turtle back, as you sea in the featured image. Turtle back often looked like logs floating in the water. The first part of the night I did a 4h shift and had to motor. Mats woke up a lot and I managed to calm him so he fell back asleep. The last time, he did not want to sleep without me anymore, wind had also come up, so I woke the Captain. We pulled up the sails and he sailed us through the rest of the night and I had a good 5-hour sleep with Mats.

It was Easter now and I cooked some eggs and later colored them with Mats. Not ignoring holidays on a boat, even though everything seems so far away, seems important. It feels good to not forget, what family and friends do on those days ashore and think about them. Giving the little man and us a cute memory. The Captain is not so much into holidays, so it is mostly up to me to create the atmosphere. So fun to hide the eggs and some candy for Mats and watch him hunt them down. The Captain watched how much joy it was for Mats and I saw in his impression that he was thankful for the moment.

We caught a little fish and thought it was a Tuna, but realized later that it must have been a Bonita, the meat did not taste great. When I cleaned the fish, I was a bit groced out by it already, still not used to that part of fishing. Mats liked the fish though and he is always interested in watching and participating.


The following night was a tough one. The wind constantly shifted and we tried about everything we could to get moving. Wing on wing, pole up, pole down, sails up, sails down, motoring. The Captain couldn’t get his rest. But he was in good spirits.

All off a sudden the fishing line went out like crazy. The Captain yelled “fish on” and tried to stop the wheel from spinning and bruised up his hands. There was a whole lot of cursing happening and the fishing rod was slowly dissolving. The eyelets were busting off one by one and the rod was bending like crazy and we thought it would break any second. We had a BIG one on the hook! The old rod was hanging in. After a long fight the Captain managed to get the fish close to the boat and we started discussing who would do what job. I just looked at that huge Mahi Mahi in his colorful green and blue and just could not imagine us getting him aboard. I did not want to gaff him, had no idea where to set the gaff and did not think I could carry the fishing rod with that big fish up the boat under sail.


So, at the end the good soul decided for us. He bounced up and down one more time and in that moment, he became free. Damn! Dinner bye- bye, but that guy deserved it for his life and we were happy for him! The fishing rod is now retired and the Captain drank the last well-deserved beer aboard. 🙂