Muertos fun!


When we woke up after that crazy windy night, we were very tired, except Mats, who had slept through all of it. We rowed to shore and had a mellow day at the resort, having a few beers and a yummy fish burger. We caught up on messages and the waiters are already greeting us with a hug. They are just super nice and sold us ice and some water.

We had a long walk back to the dinghy with heavy bags and the beach was busier than usual. It was due to the Mexican holiday Semana Santa. When we arrived at our little rowing dinghy named “donkey”, we found the vents open. The air was still halfway in and we had brought our pump. We weren’t sure if someone had messed with the dinghy and might have tried to take it.

We rowed back and when we tried to tie the dinghy to Alsager, the rope was gone! So, there was indeed somebody messing around. We were very surprised, as we did not have any theft experience through all those months. Well, we could live with a stolen rope, but it was still kinda shitty, bad people even in the most beautiful places.


The next day our friend Peter came out to Muertos to have lunch with us. It was a super nice day, I went snorkeling in the morning and we had to rush a bit to make it in time, but it worked out perfect. For some reason I always forget to take a pic with Peter, I guess we are just too busy talking and catching up. Grateful that he could come out, as he has been the closest friend I have seen in the past 6 months. 🙂


After he left, we checked the weather and Mats found some friends. It’s so cool, as soon as he sees kids, he does this excitement noise and looks at me and when I assure him that it’s ok to walk over, he does not hesitate. He got really great with that through the cruising time. Taking every chance to be around kids. They sat down together at a little kid table. We do like Muertos!