Real time!


Meanwhile a lot has happened. After our “see you later” to our buddy boats in May, the Captain, myself and Mats sailed to Cabo San Lucas. I will get back to that, once we return to California.

Mats and myself took a flight out of Cabo to San Francisco, stayed with my dear friend MIRI for a few days and got together with Gunnar T, James&Maggie & Gang. 😊 Fun and such a nice place to call home- SAUSALITO!

(Notice the sentence above our heads! :-). )

Gunnar T is Mats best buddy. He said the cutest thing while we were at sea in Mexico: “Mats will always be in my heart”!

Those two have a special bond.

We found a cheap flight with Norwegian Air (thanks Peter!) and continued our journey; via another 2 day stop in Barcelona; to Germany. I just HAD to see my family!

The Captain had found some crew to bring the Sailboat to San Diego, ideally to L.A. How that went down, or not,we will let you know in a separate post from the Captain himself, when he finds the rhythm and blues to write about it. It was intense, to give a small idea.

In Barcelona we had an interesting stop to see parts of the city, but we were glad to finally arrive in Basel, where dear Dad/Opa picked us up and made our way to his home close to Freiburg. It was special to be together! We enjoyed endless matches of Backgammon, accompanied by beer or wine with fresh strawberries. And of course ice cream!

Doing yard work in the heat of the sun. Getting that body moving- priceless. And experiencing wild life close by.

Happy time!


My dad had offered to lend us his cool VW and we truly treasure this gesture!

After about a week we packed up the van and continued our journey towards Holland, where we wanted to meet my brother and family on a camping weekend. Perfect timing!

The Captain wanted to join us after he accomplished his mission of bringing the sailboat back up north! So the plan…

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