Vrouwenpolder Netherlands

At 6am on a holiday, Mats and myself started our drive to Holland. My brother had invited us to join them on a camping trip. Thanks again, Bruderherz!

I was hoping to avoid at least part of the traffic. The first 3 hours were a breeze, Mats was sleeping in his car seat. By Antwerp we got into a 20k traffic jam. When we finally arrived in Vrouwenpolder, sun was greeting us. We met my brother at the beach and we got to meet the new addition to his family. What a cute girl! It was a great time, even though it rained a lot that weekend.

The beach in Vrouwenpolder was endless! A playground with a half sunken pirate boat gave the cousins plenty of fun time. Mats enjoyed the time with Bela, who is closest to his age, a ton.


We watched the first match of Germany playing in the World Cup 2018 together and were a bit shocked about there performance and loss that day.

After the match we drove convoy style back to cologne, where my brother and family lives.

I got to meet some of my older nephews friends and soccer companions and enjoyed watching there seasons last match in cologne the next morning. Since it was a very impressive game, I will tell more about it another time.

A few days later my Mom took the train to meet us in cologne. So good to see her.

We celebrated Henri’s 15th birthday together. He is a cool kid! Just like my bro.

Legends in the Family: “Gentleman” and Ann-Kathrin. ⬆️

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