Bye, bye Germany and Hello Iceland

Our good-bye from my Dad was special and had an unwanted extension. My Dad drove us, after a yummy breakfast with everyone, to Freiburg to the train station. When the train suddenly arrived, we jumped up and grabbed all our belongings and my Dad helped us aboard. While we were storing luggage, the doors suddenly shut! BEFORE it had reached the scheduled departure time. I ran to the door together with my Dad and we tried to get the attention from the station agent, to open the doors again. He looked at us, than simply looked away and the train slowly started moving. This is common, ones the doors are locked, they won’t open anymore. My adrenaline was flying out of my ears and I looked at my Dad in disbelief. He had such a great humor about it and just said, hey, this way, I just have you a little bit longer.


He walked up to the front to find out, why the train had left early. When he came back, he told us, we were all in the WRONG TRAIN. Oh man, and that when you try to get to the airport and have to catch a plane. We listened to the announcement of the train agent in case there had been other people, who got in the wrong train and found out, that we were able to catch the right train at another stop. This train had been delayed and the right one as well, both luckily going in the same direction, but this one did not stop at the airport.

My Dad stayed with us for about an hour until the train stopped for the first time in Baden-Baden. We said our good-bye’s and this mistake almost made us laugh already. We continued and switched trains on one of the next stops. We made it fine to Frankfurt airport and had quite a long walk and bus drive from the train station to the terminal of WOW airlines. Just shows you ones again, better plan extra hours when traveling.

The flight to Reykjavik took a little over 4 hours and the flight attendants are pretty darn cute and super friendly. I understood, why the Captain was liking the airline. 😉 But they don’t have an entertainment program, so it seemed like a long flight, there is only so much you can do with a kid.

Arriving in Iceland, we found out that they had checked the stroller through to San Francisco, so we decided to take a Taxi to the hostel. We had a layover of 18 hours. Damn, Iceland was cold! AND we were told that that was the warmest day. The hostel looked cool, as you can see from the pics.


It was nice to rest up and have a good night sleep. The next leg was about 8 hours and drove me nuts. We were all happy, when we arrived back in San Francisco.

After we received our luggage, we made our way to the air train to get to the rental car place. The train just left, but the Captain rushed us to the other track and we quickly went aboard. I was laughing and looked at him, yes, let’s just get on quickly, before checking if this is the right one. After we sat in the train, did a full circle around the airport, w arrived again where where we had gotten in. Wow, we again had entered the wrong train (even just an airtrain) and felt pretty silly. We owe this story to my Dad! LOL

Now we just had to get dog Noah and continue our journey. The plan was to drive down to Wellingtons to the sailboat with the rental car, after a little rest.

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