Celebrities at Malibu Beach


When we left Marina del Rey in the morning, we did not know if we would stop in Malibu Beach or had to continue to Channel Island Harbor. We heard about lots of kelp in the anchorage and wanted to decide once we got there.


After sailing for hours in lots of wind, I was hoping we would be able to anchor and the Captain, looking at the surf break, was most likely as well. It took a bit of circling until we found a spot which seemed somewhat ok, we still saw kelp in lots of spots around us. The Captain let the anchor down in what seemed like a good location, let it set and after his signal I put the gear in reverse. The anchor grabbed the ground very well.


We had something to eat, made sure the anchor had not dragged and prepared the dinghy and SUP to get all of us to shore. Malibu is really pretty. We checked out the beach by the pier and I thought a lot about celebrities. The next morning, we decided to stay another night, since we really liked it. It is always nice if it is pretty, safe and does not even cost you anything. 🙂

Just after we finished breakfast, a surfer came paddling towards our boat and asked us some questions about the “beautiful” Sailboat Alsager. After he paddled on, the Captain looked at me and said…”Wasn’t that Matthew Mcconaughey?” I did not think so, but hey,   we will never know… 😀

We prepared for a beach day and the Captain wanted to go to a different beach this time. When we got closer, I saw that the shore break seemed bigger than where had landed the day before. I tried to point out, that we might be better of changing plans, but no agreement there.


I had Mats on the SUP in front of me, Evan was rowing the air dinghy with Noah inside.

When it seemed like the right moment, I let Mats in the water to swim ashore (he really wants to do that, as he is afraid of shore break and does not want to be in the dinghy) and paddled hard. I made it to the beach fine, ran the board up on the sand and swam towards Mats. I had let him out a bit early, so he had quite a bit to swim. All went well, a wave came and I held him high up.

Noah did not get quite that lucky. He swam, was pulled back right into a breaking wave just when I had him by the collar. I pulled him towards the shore and helped him out of the water where Mats took over. Now it was the Captains turn and he had to wait quite a while as a big set of waves smashed onto the beach. I did not like all of this at all. But he made it. It was hard for me to relax afterwards, as I knew, we had to get back out at one point.


It was super hot at the beach, we found a nice shady spot for Noah and the Captain went surfing. Our neighbors at the beach had a huge shade structure, which they hadn’t set up yet. We helped and they were so kind to share it with us. Mats had a great time playing and found some kids to share toys.


When it was time to get back to the sailboat, I watched the water, picked a good time and paddled as fast as I could with Mats sitting right in front of me. I was so happy! The Captain did a great job as well and once again, I was hoping that that was the last surf break we had to conquer before returning home!

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