Morro Bay – a well deserved rest!


We left Avila Beach soon after and headed towards Morro Bay. Mats was still asleep, when we got off the mooring and steered into the fog. Around 10 am we turned the motor off and pulled the jib out. We made 5 knots down the swell, the jib was not able to compete. It was not comfortable and the closer we came to Morro Bay, the thicker the fog appeared. The Captain rolled the jib back in. We were not able to see much at all, just the sound of the fog horns here and there. We watched our navigation system and Navionics carefully. Our senses were wide awake!



There was no space at the pier of the friendly Yacht Club for us. We first docked at a temporary station and than found out, that the Yacht Club was able to give us a mooring. We picked one which was closest to the Yacht Club, indeed a very short rowing distance. We received keys for the showers and soon after took advantage of it, before heading out for dinner.


The sunsets were amazing and we just took it easy for a few days. Went to the beach, worked on some blogs and also the bank machine ate my card. Thank you, bank machine. It’s nice that you will send me a new one in only a few days. Well, I am not home just yet.


Morro Bay is a cute little town. We liked it and collected some strength for the next passage to Monterey.

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