Morro Bay to San Simeon



We still had one overnighter ahead of us. However, there was a possibility to get rest at an anchorage in San Simeon. That sounded like a good idea. Well, the stretch from Morro Bay to San Simeon wasn’t fun! Again we started to motor and had no wind to pull the sails up. Very common in the mornings. In hopes that the wind would pick up later in the afternoon, the Captain steered away from shore. The swell got bigger and choppier and the crew wasn’t happy. Poor Mats got seasick and I did not feel well either. Knowing that we would only have a few hours rest and would continue in darkness, I was pretty cranky when we finally arrived in San Simeon.


We were anchored close to this break, which was cool to watch, but also made me a bit nervous.

The moon was simply beautiful and I took that as a good sign for our last— LAST , HOPEFULLY LAST, night sail!

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