Monterey- Dali and much more!


It’s funny sometimes, you are worried about something and than it passes by way better than the portion you had not wasted a thought about. That’s how it was with the night sail. It started off from San Simeon with this gorgeous moon. The Captain did the first shift and I snuggled with Mats. He later told me, that 10min away from San Simeon, he already saw the fog and our whole sail was through fog and heavy dew. BUT, when my shift started, I could not believe it. I started seeing a big green patch in the water. All of a sudden green lines were shooting like and arrows through the water towards the boat and when they got closer, I discovered the outlinings of dolphins. AMAZING!

Bioluminescence is a chemical process in which an enzyme breaks a substrate down and one of the products of this reaction is light.

It was insane. I stared at the water for hours. Yeah, of course I also paid attention to my duties at night. But it was such an amazing show and I had not seen it like that before. Well, this is what I looked like after about 4 hours.


The night passed and we continued to motor through the foggy morning.


We watched the radar closely and spotted someone getting closer right on collision course!

What are the odds! It was our friend Robbie. We had met on our cruise in Mexico. Him, his wife and two sons are great surfers and enjoyed the same spots we did. Robbie is a knowledgable sailer and has a lot in common with the Captain. Too bad we couldn’t hang with him much in Monterey, as he was on opposite course.


BUT, we did get together with his wife Marisa and her family, she picked us up a few days after our arrival, showed us there place and invited us for a fantastic dinner! Thanks again, girl!



MONTEREY! Last night sail, if the rest of the trip towards ‘home’ would go well. We checked into a nice Marina in walking distance to everything and enjoyed a shower and a cold beer.


We found a nice playground for Mats, who is always in our thoughts for being such a good boy with so much patience on those long sails, sometimes getting seasick and never complaining much. We are very lucky to have such a cool kid!

My heart made a little jump, when I saw this sign on the playground. 🙂


A big highlight being in Monterey was the fact, that I was able to get together with my friend Sarah, whom I met long time ago through a craigslist add “Looking for friends” . That was when I was living in San Francisco and she lived in Berkeley, both originally from Germany. She now lives in Australia and showed her fiance where she had spend an important part of her live. It was great to see her, she has grown so much. Also it was nice to be able to meet the man who makes her so happy. They are now married. 🙂 ❤


Due to a car show Monterey was a little busier than usual. Is was fun to spot how slowly more and more awesome vehicles entered the town.


IMG_3338Lastly we passed a Dali Museum and I was eager to check it out. I had forgotten, that he had lived in Monterey and learned new things about my former favorite artist.




The idea below is just the coolest, two pics in one. Photo doesn’t do it’s justice, real affect is with bare eyes.


Monterey was the last big stop for us!

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