Turtle Bay anchoring with the Baja-Haha

The mother ship of Baja-Haha

All of us really enjoyed our stop in Turtle Bay. The anchorage is huge and it was no problem for the many boats from Baja-Haha and everyone else to find a spot. The Mexican’s here are so friendly. I don’t blame them for doubling the prices, it is a possibility for them to make some good money this one time a year. They are doing very well offering there service, from Taxiing from the anchorage spots to delivering fuel and water, even taking your garbage from you. Well, who knows, where that ends up…. 😦

They are getting a kick out of blonde Mats and he is getting a lot of attention. The break was well deserved and it makes me almost forget the long sail from San Diego and I look forward to rare overnighters from now on. Mats loves playing at the beach so much that he doesn’t want to go back on Alsager, when the sun sets. Tomorrow we will head out of Turtle Bay, we can recommend this stop to everyone. The Supermarket closest to beach is insanely stocked up.

Here few impressions when I walked through town with Mats, while the guys went for a surf.


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