3 Days and 3 nights nonstop sail, ayayay!

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Arriving in Mexico, I realize, that being able to post, will be very limited. The Internet is weak, even after purchasing Mexican sim cards, it will be tough to upload almost anything. Which is not great as I miss keeping in touch on a regular basis. How funny it is when the things you are used too, suddenly disappear. I wonder, if this is a bad, or in a lot of ways, even a good thing, because you stop staring at your phone or computer screen and start having a different perspective and look around you… again.

Whatever, good or bad, tonight is the first time since San Diego I am sitting down and getting my thoughts together. When we left San Diego, we were in good spirits. We had rested up, stocked up and took care of lots of things.

We hadn’t really planned forward, but the Captain certainly wanted to find wind to sail and save on gas, which is very expensive in Mexico. And of course, why else ARE we on a sailboat?

So, we motored further and further away from the coastline. Already getting out of the Mission Bay Harbor, we came across swell, I hadn’t missed since our arrival! It wasn’t a good feeling. It was worse though, when Mats started throwing up. He cried and had lots of pain in his belly. We thought of food poisoning, since he had never been seasick before. I was eying towards San Diego when Kruiser calmed us and got us back to the thought, it is just seasickness. Mats had the craving of Apple Juice shortly after and was soon doing much better, what a relief!

Mats sick, us being away from shore that far and thus no chance to anchor, weighted on me. One strong reason not joining the Baja Haha was to prevent overnight sailing. Now we were close to 50 miles away from shore, which made a stop impossible. I learned earlier on the trip, that the wind is the boss. And the Captain, of course! So, I was a quiet grump, there was no point in verbalizing my frustration.

When my baby was ready for bed, I just wanted to be with him. We find comfort in each other and our bond feels even stronger in this unknown adventure.

I fell asleep and woke up at 10pm and jumped out of bed, put my gear on and went into the cockpit. Kruiser was up and I jammed into his night shift. He was a bit confused and I thought he will probably be happy, if I give him a break. Well, I hadn’t put much thought into it and kinda screwed up the whole night shift program. At the end it was a very busy night with lots of boats around and Captain and myself being up most of the night, needing each others help. Kruiser snored away until later in the night and Mats too! I hope, at the end, it wasn’t too bad for him…  😀

He showed us the next day, what an exceptional Fisherman he is. He caught 2 Mahi Mahi’s shortly after crossing the Mexican border, a Bonita and a Baby Mako SHARK! Yupp, that was insane. No worries, I got it all on camera.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.31.38 PM

We made some yummy Mahi Mahi with rice and my brain is pretty empty from that point on. I think, I was just functioning since there was not much I could do anyway. I was in my own thoughts, planned on checking the flight situation when I was able to get back online to fly back home from Cabo. I don’t know, if it is me just giving up so quickly, or getting mad/feeling helpless, or just trying to calm myself down with the idea, hey, if it gets too much, there is always a way of return and getting out of this. It takes pressure off me, I guess. Kinda like: F…. all!  Yupp, thank you guys, I am even loosing my well behavior and am into Sailor’s jargon!

The good about the 3 days and nights, we had some nice sailing, a bit over 1 day of motoring. We were followed by Dolphins, MY FAVORITE HIGHLIGHT! Unbelievable and I cannot stop watching them. I cannot wait, showing it to all of you and hope I can edit it soon. It’s just incredible! And the fishing has been insane. I tasted the meat of a fresh caught Yellow Fin Thuna and felt like a cannibal. Getting out of your comfort zone. It happens all the time and it makes me grow….or hate it?

Are you still there? 😉


2 thoughts on “3 Days and 3 nights nonstop sail, ayayay!”

  1. Hi Tanja,

    thank you for the update.
    Stay on track, it is gonna be a wonderful time in Cabo.
    Greetings to Evan, Mats and Kruiser.


  2. Thanks for the great update Tanja!!! Love the stories.

    Best to you all.

    Love from all of us at Blue Water Yacht Harbor


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