Did we make it out of Cabo? + MOVIE

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 10.25.12 AMAfter leaving the boat to escape very uncomfortable conditions in the anchorage, we came back the next day and were hoping that everything was well aboard Alsager. And the good old lady was just fine, no other boats had broken loose and the Captain did well with setting the second anchor and preparing her the best he could.

We stored away what we had bought to stock up on food and left for one last supper at our favorite BLUE THAI restaurant by the Marina, which is run and Co owned by Amanda (left in photo), a cool British Rockstar-like Power Woman, who we had met together with some other sweet new friends a few days earlier. If we go to Cabo again, we will definitely stop by for some yummy Thai Pho Soup and to enjoy her company.

The night on Alsager was still accompanied by swell, which we hoped would be better in the morning to pack up our dinghy and pull up the anchors. Our buddy Kruiser was still visiting his Cousin in Chihuahua, so it was just the Captain, myself, Mats and dog Noah.

It was still rolly and we made a little video clip to show you, if we have left Cabo….. or not?


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