Los Barilles to ALMOST La Ventana!


We left Los Barilles with the plan to go straight to La Ventana. I was eager to finally get there, as this is a place I have visited 4 times already and I totally dig this kite paradise and people. It is a happy place.

But then we were close to Los Muertos and the Captain decided to break it up and anchor together with Lea Scotia. We set anchor and were about to set up our dinghy, when a sudden wind came up. We managed to get a weak service on our phone and checked the forecast. It was supposed to pick up 20 knots at night and since we already had a bumpy night behind us in Los Barilles, the Captain decided to continue around the corner and anchor close to La Ventana before sunset.

This all happened so sudden and my good friend was almost on the way to come see us in Muertos from El Sargento . Luckily I was able to contact him, before he got into his car. But I have to confess, that sometimes the back and force on a sailing trip can be a bit frustrating, especially when you are looking forward to the place or people and than weather does not play in favor and the Captain had to make a safety decision. Well, I was pissed and the guys on board annoyed about me being a pain.

Oh well, the anchor spot at Punta Arena de La Ventana was really nice with beautiful sunset and we all had a good night and the next day… off to HAPPY PLACE. 🙂