My heartbeat went up, when we finally started to see La Ventana. A place I have visited before, first time in 2004 with a great group of friends and where I had my first kite lesson at Baja Joes in 2009. A place I call my happy place, kinda like Sherman Island close to Stockton by the Delta river. When it was foggy in San Francisco, I would usually pack up my car with tent/food/kite gear and spend the entire weekend at a warm, sunny and windy place, versus in San Francisco, where the wind felt cold. In La Ventana you run into the same crowd. The crowd which makes the whole kitesurfing experience so special. People are COOL! Laid back and helpful. 🙂



La Ventana is not really a place to anchor. But the Captain checked the wind forecast and felt pretty confident that we should be fine with two anchors and not so heavy winds.


The waters are not deep, so we had to anchor a bit further out. We anchored close to Playa Central the first time and stayed for 2 nights


and moved than close to Palapas Ventana; tucked in a bit more to prevent some of the rolling at night.




Spending time with friends and being able to kite was just great. My friends Peter and Bettina surprised me by just walking into Playa Central the first day. There were some long hugs happening. 😀


Billy, a friend of the Captain from Canada, also stopped by to say ‘Hi’ and he offered us his second car. What a great gesture! Our Kruiser took kite surf lessons on two days and rented some Windsurfing gear. Due to his size of 6’8, it felt though, that nobody had appropriate measured equipment. It was fun to watch him try and to almost get on the board after only a short period of time.

Since the anchorage was only safe in lighter winds, we decided to take advantage of the offered van from Billy and his wife and sail to the protected anchorage in Muertos after 4 nights. The men sailed SV Alsager and myself and Mats drove the van to Muertos. In the afternoon we all drove back to La Ventana, for the 60th Birthday party of my good friend Peter, who celebrated with 70 people at Malin Azul. Great evening with awesome food and nice people! Thank you, Peter and to 60 more!


We ended up having the van for 10 days and were able to also see La Paz, do some stockup/Christmas presents shopping, fill up our propane tank after some trouble actually finding a place who does it, getting laundry done and drive to see our friends in Los Barrilles. Let’s not forget being able to leave all the kite gear in the van and drive to meet up with my friends to go kiting together. Lucky, lucky, lucky! J

I managed to convince the guys, who were long ready to continue the journey, besides staying Christmas to also stay for New Years Eve. I wanted to celebrate into 2018 with people we knew and not be solely on the water. Can’t be blamed for wanting that, right? I am also never ready to leave La Ventana, another valid reason, LOL 😀


The restaurant by the resort at Muertos was always super friendly and accommodating and they had a Christmas tree. On the 24th I wrapped up the presents and decorated them under the Christmas tree. We watched the magical moment when Mats unwrapped his presents with joy and were able to talk to our families back in Germany and Canada. A wonderful day, even being so far away from them. So great to be able to talk to them!



After Christmas we went to check out the Island Cerralvo, which you can check out HERE  and also visited our friends in Los Barrilles.

We had to return the van that morning and decided to sail back to La Ventana for New Years. It was a nice sail and took about 5 hours.

New Years Eve turned out to be a great party. First we started off at Palapas Ventana, Tim, the owner and his wife had reached out to us and wanted to do a firewerk. Great start of the night and awesome company! Then off to Delaneys, where most of La Ventana got together and grooved upstairs to a life band and enjoyed beats from some cool DJ’s downstairs. I suffered the next day and we postponed our crossing of Sea de Cortez and just went for another night to Island Cerralvo. Kruiser did some more spearfishing and hunted us dinner and we enjoyed the 1st evenening of the new year at another bonfire at our favourite Cactus. Great times!