Crossing Sea de Cortez – Day 2 – MOVIE


Crazy how one day can be so much different than the other. I am glad though, that these things all happened on a mellow sail day.

I had my shift from 10pm – 1am and except our voltage running low a few times, it was an easy night and the moon shining bright made it so much more comfortable. Half an hour before the shift of the Captain ended, the Autopilot failed. The cause might have been Kruiser bumping into it by accident. The autopilot is attached to the side wall by his bed and with his size of 6’8 he doesn’t have much room.

So my second shift started at the wheel and Kruiser had to get up as well, so the Captain could try to fix it again. Thankfully he was able too by checking all wires and probably one had become detached.

Later in the day Kruiser saw a whale flashing his tale up and down right in front of our sailboat. So cool.

The second rather disturbing thing happened, when we suddenly saw buoys across Sea de Cortez. We could see them a few hundred feet apart from each other in a line and we tried to steer around them, but they were already so close, that this was not possible. Kruiser tried to reach nearby fishing boats on the Radio, but no response. You can see more about this in our clip.

Kruiser also spotted a fin in front of the sailing vessel and it looked like a shark fin. We had our fishing lines out and all off a sudden the fin started chasing the lures. We quickly started wheeling in our fishing line, because we did not want to have a shark on the line. Later Kruiser wasn’t so sure anymore, if it also could have been the fin of a Marlin.

When we got pretty close to our destination for the night “Isla Isabel”, a huge Mahi Mahi was caught and dinner was going to be yummy. 🙂

Hope you enjoy our little clip.