We were very happy to have arrived in the Tenacatita anchorage. Our friends had also decided to continue there journey on the same paths, but had motor sailed a more direct line and beat us to the anchorage. The next day we all met at the beach and had a great day. There is one laid back restaurant which has great ceviche and cold drinks.



Mats and Charlie had a blast together!


This stingray came too close to shore and got stuck. Bucky was so kind and pulled the slimy one back into the ocean and saved his life.


Good times with these guys from Lea Scotia.


That was our day in Tenacatita, before heading on to Barra de Navididad. We knew, we would be back on our return. However, I will continue to post our combined Tenacatita time. It has a lot to offer and was one of our, if not favorite place. Stay tuned! 🙂

And we ran into this awesome sailboat again we first saw in Muertos.

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