Tenacatita River – CROCODILES


What a cool experience this was. Right by our anchorage and next to the beach, we found the entrance of a river. Talking to some people in the anchorage we found out that it was well worth checking out. The tides on this one were very important as the river was getting super shallow on low tide and getting stuck would be hard to avoid. Since we heard that there are crocodiles in there, we did not want to chance that. Here a clip to see for yourself and some pics below. LOVED IT!




This was were the river ended. We tied the boat and checked out the beach across from it, which is also another anchorage in Tenacatita, just not quite as protected. I believe the river from our anchorage to the end of river here were about 4miles.


We heard a lot about the snorkeling at the aquarium, I had to try but it wasn’t great that day, or I just had seen better.



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