Tenacatita dinghy raft-up! A Hippie-Heart beats faster.


Tenacatita had a very lively anchorage. Lots of the same people, who often now became very good friends, meet here year after year again. We had one of the founders from boat Harmony come up to us, to give a little overview of what is usually happening. Every day at 2pm, the man meet for Bocce at the beach and the women go for a walk along the water. Every evening, around 7pm, you hear horns from boats, which gives a nice little touch to the sunset. Mats tried his best to match there music. 🙂

Every Friday, there is a dinghy raft-up and people bring food, potluck style. The food is being passed from boat to boat, stories are being told and music played. At least, when we attended. It was nice. Every Hippie’s heart must beat faster seeing this. 🙂




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