Anchorage Melaque


Before heading back to Tenacatita, we spend 2 nights in the Melaque anchorage, which is an about 15-20 min dinghy ride back to Barra de Navididad. When we left the Marina in the morning, there was no wind, so we just motored and towed the dinghy.

We checked out the shore, Evan went to try to find some Petroleum for our night lamp, which wasn’t so easy and Mats and myself had an ice cream meanwhile.

We had a better night sleep, as there was a nice breeze going and less Mosquitos. It was also a good place to stock up on provisions and get some more cash.



We decided to keep this beautiful sunset we experienced on a dinghy ride back to the anchorage, to keep in our minds for the furthest we had sailed south. 🙂



I know, this is kinda groce. But it did look a bit funny too… 😉


Ending on a good note…


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