Heading back north – Tenacatita – Punta Mita – MOVIE


From the Melaque anchorage we headed back up north, first to Tenacatita, where we enjoyed some days and waited for a good weather window. There was a 3 day opening and we planned to sail to Chamela, rest the night,  possibly have a stop in Ipala and finish at Punta Mita. A dinner in Chamela almost knocked us out and erased that plan, but after I threw up, the Captain pulled himself together and sailed us to Ipala, where we were so glad we could chill the night to gain back some strength from that stomach bug.

Here a little clip from our sail up north.

We made it to Punta Mita on the 3rd day and just rested up for a few days, bought Ramen noodle soup and slowly recovered again. For the first time on our trip I did a Yoga and a Pilates lesson and felt great afterwards. Evan also got some surfing in and was happy.

It was than time to sail to the Marina in La Cruz, as the Captain had to take on his boat delivery job, helping to bring Chim Chim from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego, while Mats, Noah and myself meanwhile waited for his return in La Cruz.



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