Mats and I took the bus to Sayulita twice, we liked this little town a lot and wanted to go on an adventure. It took 2 buses from La Cruz, but all in all 1 hour top to get there. The busses are running all the time, I have not noticed much waiting time yet.


On the way from the bus stop to the little downtown area, you pass a little Hippie Market. They had some cool stuff, but also lots the same. We ended up finding some bargains, walked down to the beach and saw that they have a little campground right on the beach. Haven’t seen that often. And than Mats wanted to head home already. Walking around in the heat is not easy, but the 2nd time we took his little bike and we were able to cover more ground and visit the downtown area. Boutique like stores, most quite expensive. But nice to walk around there and Mats had a yummy ice cream. 😊🍦


We were planning to visit again ones the Captain returned. But as soon as he was back, he was ready to go sailing again and the weather looked promising for that. We will have a post ready to let you know, how his delivery on Chim Chim went.

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