La Cruz-while Captain is at sea.


As we got closer to La Cruz, it got windier and we even saw a few kites out. Of course I got excited to see some whales again too, still my favorite. 🙂  Getting into the Marina and into our slip we really had to concentrate due to the wind, but all went well, we did a good docking job. A few things still needed to be done before the Captain took off.


He had accepted another boat delivery job, Gunboat Chim Chim from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego. He decided to put Alsager into the friendly Marina in La Cruz which is close to Puerto Vallarta, where we already knew our way around and other cruiser friends were staying as well.

I was looking forward to this time to catch up on all the adventures we had done down south, meet friends and explore the area. We hung out with German friends, who have a sailboat in the anchorage and are preparing for a big trip. There son Linus got along with Mats well. On one of the first days, they stopped by our boat and asked us, if we want to join them for a visit to Bucerias, there was a nice beach restaurant to hang out. We had a relaxing afternoon together.

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If you need some physical therapy/personal training, Kerstin is great. You can find her on the sailboat Lanikai in the anchorage in La Cruz.


It was also nice to have our other friends from the Catamaran Nibi around. We met up at the pool in the Marina a lot. Julie and I had some great conversations, while her older daughter Rose and younger Alice played with Mats like crazy. I hope we meet them again in the future.



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