Making a decision!

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We now explored some of Mexico’s and the US coast. Looking back of how much we sailed and how much ground we have made in a sailboat, we can be proud of us! The Captain has sailed us everywhere safely. We trust him with our lives. He would not have done it without having us around and it had been an insane experience!

But, there are things we miss. Mats is missing his buddies at home, he is missing Mercy and all his toys. Maybe he craves some normality or steadiness, I am not sure. I think, I do. I miss my friends, I miss my Family in Germany. I miss Team Handball and doing sports in general. The independence of just hopping into your car and going places. But is it silly? Is it the phenomenon of craving things you don’t have?

We have rented out our home in Sausalito to a friend and that now gives us possibilities. It was not planned this way and simply fell into our lap. But we love, that it gives us new perspectives and it would be silly to just skip these, just because we miss certain things. Or could combine both?

However, we had talked and thought a lot. And when I learned that the Dad of a very good friend of mine had passed, another good friend in Germany had lost both her parents within 6 months, I burst out in tears. I felt terrible not being able to be there for my friends to comfort them! And it is haunting me, the idea, that one day I must face losing one or both of my parents. It’s a horrible thought. I had to do something! I owe that to myself and my loved ones.

Giving the fact, that we had been cruising for many months now and that our Visa’s would run out in a month, I looked for flight options. It felt like the absolute right thing to do! It is important for Mats, myself and my folks to have that time.

When we started the journey, it was not expected from Mats and myself to bring the boat back North. Time would tell over the next weeks, what would happen with the sailboat.

What we wanted for the last weeks, was to explore Sea de Cortez some more. After chatting to other cruisers, we created a list of “must see when weather permits”. We were not certain yet, what we would do with our sailing vessel. Putting it on the hard? (Haul it out over the summer and leave it in Mexico) Putting it into a Marina? Being able to continue cruising in the winter, depending on how much we liked what we were about to explore in the following weeks? I could not imagine that The Captain would be happy leaving the boat, as much as he loves Alsager and cared for over so many years. It’s always work in progress.

Another possibility was trying to find crew and bringing the Sailboat back North, so that we could visit the Channel islands over the summer and extend our cruising before bringing the boat back. Getting Alsager out of the Hurricane area and being closer to friends. We hadn’t visited them on the way down, as the weather didn’t permit. So many people love the islands.

But for now, let’s continue and enjoy our last weeks in BAJA MEXICO!

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